Mali Most attends lectures on physical health

Tonight, the children of the Little Bridge Sports Academy attended a lecture on healthy nutrition. The main aims of the lecture were to stress  the importance of physical activity, respecting the rules of fair play, healthy eating habits before, during and after training sessions and matches, as well as the physical  impact of proper rest, sleep and hydration. The lecture presented an example on how  healthy nutrition looks like, how to hydrate properly, how to rest after trainings and on match days.

The main takeaways from the lecture were the following:

  1. Hydration /drinking water before, during and after the training / game
  2. Eating fruits on an empty stomach, before the main course
  3. Eating less but more often
  4. Importance of sleep

The group also watched the Top 10 moments of respect and Fair Play in Football. At the end, Mr. Popo made different smoothies as an example of healthy and interesting meals for children and adults.

We would like to thank him for a great lecture and United World College for allowing us to use their premises. The activity was realized within the project Dialogue for the Future ran UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO in cooperation with the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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