Visit to United Nations office in Sarajevo

Children and staff of the Little Bridge Sports Academy travelled today to Sarajevo to visit the building and employees of United Nations in Sarajevo. The United Nations in cooperation with the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched this year a project called #DialogForFuture that was then implemented by UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO. Our Little Bridge sports academy also took part of the activities of this project. Big thank you goes to Marijana, Namik, Damir and Melisa.

Today’s visit and the organization of our visit was fantastic. The children got the chance to familiarize themselves with all the activities UN is working on, as well as sharing what they have achieved and learned in the first few months of they academy attendance. The group also visited the Avaz Tower and were welcomed by the Avaz journalists that also followed up on their visit. Another big thank you goes to Amra and Benjamin for their support.